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Plendil 10mg pills $183.00 I hate every time I am working on something and I have to implement INotifyPropertyChanged.  My DRY-dey sense tingles.  Not only am I forced to not use auto-properties (1st DRY violation), plendil 10mg pills $183.00 I’m forced to fire the event in each setter (2nd DRY violation), plendil 10mg pills $183.00 and specify the name of the property that is getting set, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 inside of that property’s setter (3rd DRY violation).  That much WET (read: not-DRY), plendil 10mg pills $183.00 for something so simple leaves me a little grumpy.

Plendil 10mg pills $183.00 I’ve been on this quest before, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 to simplify this a bit, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 but it was still a little hackety, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 and limiting.

Plendil 10mg pills $183.00 This time, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 I set out to do it right.

Plendil 10mg pills $183.00 I’ll spare you most of the technical details, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 but it’s backed by Castle’s DynamicProxy project, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 and there’s some integration with StructureMap to make it super easy, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 though you don’t really have to use StructureMap if you don’t want to.  [note:  I’ll probably add more container support as I find time.  If you have a specific need, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 let me know, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 or submit a patch.]

Plendil 10mg pills $183.00 Here are the codez to show it in action:


Using it for a class with an interface

// note the attribute goes on the interface, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 not the class


public interface IFoo


    string Value { get; set; }



public class Foo : IFoo


    public string Value { get; set; }



Using it for a class

[AutoNotify(Fire = FireOptions.OnlyOnChange)]

public class Foo


    // note for autonotify to work, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 the property must be virtual

    public virtual string Value { get; set; }



Plendil 10mg pills $183.00 The previous example shows how to get the event to fire only when the value is different also.  It defaults to always firing, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 whether the value changes or not.  It’s also important to note that your properties need to be virtual so the calls to the setter can be intercepted.

Dependent Properties

Plendil 10mg pills $183.00 Sometimes (usually) you’ve got calculated properties that need to fire the notified event too, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 these usually turn into WET mess as well.  We’ve got the problem solved, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 and you’ve got a few different options, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 hopefully one of them suits you.

Dependency Map – DependsOn

Plendil 10mg pills $183.00 You specify the type that defines the DependencyMap on the attribute, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 and then set up your dependencies in that type’s constructor.  This style is somewhat influenced by the FluentNHibernate API.

[AutoNotify(DependencyMap = typeof(ProjectDependency))]

public class Project


    public virtual string Name { get; set; }

    public virtual string[] Files { get; set; }

    public virtual int FileCount { get { return Files.Length; } }



class ProjectDependency : DependencyMap<Project>


    public ProjectDependency()


        Property(x => x.FileCount).DependsOn(x => x.Files);




Dependency Map – Updates

Plendil 10mg pills $183.00 If you’d rather express your dependency the other way around, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 that’s fine too.  The two are equivalent.

[AutoNotify(DependencyMap = typeof(ProjectDependency))]

public class Project


    public virtual string Name { get; set; }

    public virtual string[] Files { get; set; }

    public virtual int FileCount { get { return Files.Length; } }



class ProjectDependency : DependencyMap<Project>


    public ProjectDependency()


        Property(x => x.Files).Updates(x => x.FileCount);




Dependency Map – UpdatesWith

Plendil 10mg pills $183.00 If you want to stick with an auto-property, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 and leave the calculated property logic somewhere else, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 you can hook it in via your dependency map too.  This example, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 again, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 is equivalent to the previous two.

[AutoNotify(DependencyMap = typeof(ProjectDependency))]

public class Project


    public virtual string Name { get; set; }

    public virtual string[] Files { get; set; }

    public virtual int FileCount { get; set; }



class ProjectDependency : DependencyMap<Project>


    public ProjectDependency()


        Property(x => x.Files).Updates(x => x.FileCount).With(p => p.Files.Length);




DependsOn Attribute

Plendil 10mg pills $183.00 If you don’t like any of those options and are looking for something a little more simple, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 maybe you’ll like this one.  Just specify which things your property depends on in an attribute.  You lose your 100% static typing help, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 but it’s more concise.


public class Project


    public virtual string Name { get; set; }

    public virtual string[] Files { get; set; }



    public virtual int FileCount { get { return Files.Length; } }



Containers and otherwise

Hooking it into StructureMap

Plendil 10mg pills $183.00 There are a couple conventions you can use to hook into StructureMap.  There is the attribute convention (which is what you’re seeing above), plendil 10mg pills $183.00 and there is a generic predicate convention that you can use any predicate logic.  Below you can see the attribute one getting hooked in.

var container = new Container(config => config.Scan(scanConfig =>


    scanConfig.With(new AutoNotifyAttrConvention());





var project = container.GetInstance<Project>();

Using it without StructureMap

Plendil 10mg pills $183.00 If you’re using another container, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 or no container at all, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 but want to use some other factory or something, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 you can do that too.  This example is for something with an interface.  It’s very similar to do the same for a concrete class… you just don’t instantiate the object first.  You also have an opportunity to hook into the dependent property structure here as well with the DependencyMap parameter.

var foo = new Foo();

var notifiableFoo = Notifiable.MakeForInterface(

    typeof(IFoo), plendil 10mg pills $183.00

    foo, plendil 10mg pills $183.00

    FireOptions.Always, plendil 10mg pills $183.00

    new ProxyGenerator(), plendil 10mg pills $183.00



Assert.That(notifiableFoo is INotifyPropertyChanged);


Whew, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 done

Plendil 10mg pills $183.00 So… that’s a lot of ‘how to’, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 but hopefully it’ll be somewhat complete introduction to get you working with it.  I really don’t see much of any reason to ever implement INotifyPropertyChanged ever again (unless you are in an environment where you can’t use DynamicProxy).  It can automatically be done for you from now on.

Plendil 10mg pills $183.00 The code is up on github, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 and there is a gem up on rubygems if you’re using nu or noodle+bundler.  Fork it, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 send me a patch, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 use it, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 send feedback, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 etc.  I hope you love it!

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Augmentin 1000mg Pills $234.00

Augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 Ever wanted a quick/easy/automated way to get syntax highlighted code from your editor of choice into PowerPoint?

Augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 EVERY time I do a technical presentation I need this.  Usually I resort to taking a screenshot, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 or finding an “export to html” type plugin for the editor I’m using at the time (Visual Studio, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 Vim, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 IntelliJ IDEA, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 etc.) and then try to get that somehow into my slides.

Augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 The problem I usually run into, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 is that while I like coding on a dark background with a 14pt font, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 that’s not usually that great for presentations.  So I switch to my “presentation settings” that has a light background and bigger font size, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 and then switch back once I’m done taking screenshots or outputting to html. Augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 [ugh, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 what a pain… terribly manual].

Augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 Then what happens when I spot a bug in code that’s in PowerPoint, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 or I want to add a comment, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 or I need to change the syntax highlighting theme of the entire presentation because it doesn’t go well with the lighting in the room.  UGH!  What a disaster.

Augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 Basically, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 it’s always an uphill struggle, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 and it really bothered me… so I decided to fix it once and for all.


Augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 I’m going to solely discuss PowerPoint (for Windows or Mac) here.  I don’t have a copy of iWork, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 and I’m too cheap to buy one.  The reason I have Office for the Mac, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 is because I got it for free… KeyNote/Mac zealots: feel free to be zealous, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 but don’t hate on me because I’m frugal… unless you want to buy me a copy of iWork.

Augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 First, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 download: http://www.andre-simon.de/doku/highlight/en/highlight.html

Windows Solution

Augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 The highlight tool can output many formats, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 but the important one for Windows is RTF.

Augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 So something like:

Augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 highlight < infile > outfile –-rtf --syntax=rb  --style=vim --font=”Lucida Console” --font-size=18

Augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 This will  take the source code file ‘infile’ and syntax color it as Ruby to an RTF file and output it to ‘outfile’.  The text will be 18pt Lucida Console and syntax highlighted with the “vim” color scheme.

Augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 There are lots of themes included, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 you can ask highlight for help (highlight --help), augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 and it’ll tell you all the options available, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 as well as all the options available for output, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 and for languages that it supports.

Augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 Next, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 in PowerPoint, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 do “Insert Object” on your target slide, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 and choose “Create from file”.  Make sure you check the “Link” checkbox before pressing OK.

Augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 Now, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 whenever your source changes, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 re-run your command line, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 then you can choose “Update Link” on your embedded object in PowerPoint, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 or if you close and then re-open PowerPoint, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 it’ll give you the option to update all your links.

Mac Solution

Augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 My version of PowerPoint for Mac doesn’t like being able to link to RTF files, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 but it does allow linking to images.

Augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 Highlight can output to SVG, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 but my PowerPoint doesn’t like that either.

Augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 Now download inkscape, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 if you haven’t already.  It will allow you to rasterize the SVG into a PNG, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 which PowerPoint does like.  You can export your PNG from inkscape from the command line like this:

Augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 <path to inkscape> –export-png=<png file> <svg file>

Augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 The path to my inkscape command line runner is at:

Augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 /Applications/Inkscape.app/Contents/Resources/bin/inkscape

Augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 It turns out that inkscape doesn’t like external CSS files, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 which is what highlight gives you with your SVG, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 so you can merge your CSS file into your SVG file with a little script.  The other cool bit about SVG, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 is you can tweak it, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 if you want, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 since it’s just XML.

Augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 Now, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 in PowerPoint, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 choose “Insert Picture” and browse to your newly generated PNG.  Make sure the “Link to File” checkbox is checked.

Augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 I wrote a script to do this for the latest presentation I did on dependency injection.  You can take a look at the script here [source.rb].   It’s Ruby, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 and you can see where I merge the CSS and SVG files together, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 and where I mess with the line spacing as well (I wasn’t happy with the default line spacing, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 so I tweaked it to my preference).  All the source/images/PowerPoint for that presentation are available here [dependencies presentation] if you want to check them out to see how the whole process works.

Augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 Now, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 when I need to change the font and syntax theme throughout my entire presentation because it doesn’t match the lighting in the room, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 it’s super-simple: I change the configuration, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 re-run my script, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 update PowerPoint, augmentin 1000mg pills $234.00 and chill.

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Minipress 2mg pills $83.00 I just finished reading Rocket Surgery Made Easy by Steve Krug (perhaps you know him from his other book Don’t Make Me Think).  Here’s what I thought.

Minipress 2mg pills $83.00 What’s the point? Learn how to do usability testing yourself to gain most of the benefits of hiring someone to do it, minipress 2mg pills $83.00 and losing most of the negatives (e.g. Minipress 2mg pills $83.00 Big Honkin’ Report, minipress 2mg pills $83.00 $$$).  The book’s other motive is to make sure you start doing some kind of usability testing.  ALL of our sites/applications have usability problems.  We could eliminate the big ones just by spending a little time on it.

Minipress 2mg pills $83.00 How was it? A pretty quick read.  I’m a slow reader, minipress 2mg pills $83.00 and I made it through it in a couple hours a night for 3 nights.  This thing is a prescriptive manual for conducting usability tests on a product you have (or on your competitors products, minipress 2mg pills $83.00 if you’d like to do that).  It covers recruiting participants all the way to fixing the problems they discover.  Usability testing doesn’t need to be a big production, minipress 2mg pills $83.00 hard to do, minipress 2mg pills $83.00 or scary.  He lays it out step by step and give you (as the guy running the tests) guidance each step along the way, minipress 2mg pills $83.00 complete with checklists and scripts (I know, minipress 2mg pills $83.00 that sounds hokey, minipress 2mg pills $83.00 but I think it’ll actually work).

Minipress 2mg pills $83.00 Who should read it? If you’re reading this, minipress 2mg pills $83.00 you probably ought to read the book.  Realistically, minipress 2mg pills $83.00 anyone remotely interested in having a usable application and is actually partly responsible for said application (PM, minipress 2mg pills $83.00 Tech Lead, minipress 2mg pills $83.00 Dev, minipress 2mg pills $83.00 Designer, minipress 2mg pills $83.00 Marketing, minipress 2mg pills $83.00 Tech Writing, minipress 2mg pills $83.00 Tester, minipress 2mg pills $83.00 etc.).  Even if you aren’t going to be the one running/moderating the tests, minipress 2mg pills $83.00 it’s good to know what the participant’s are going through, minipress 2mg pills $83.00 what the moderator is doing behind the scenes, minipress 2mg pills $83.00 and what your role is as an observer.

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Lukol 50 Tablet Bottle $356.00

Lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 This week I ran into wanting to use C# 4.0 optional parameters, lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 but wanted StructureMap (my IoC tool of choice) to respect the default value specified for those optional parameters.

The Problem

Lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 In this example, lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 we’ll be pulling a command out of the container.  The important part is the optional constructor parameter (level), lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 and it’s default value (Level.Info).

public class LogCommand


    IDestination _destination;

    Level _level;


    public LogCommand(

        IDestination destination, lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 Level level = Level.Info)


        _destination = destination;

        _level = level;



    /* logging code here */



Lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 Here is your basic usage, lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 but doesn’t work since StructureMap doesn’t know how to take advantage of the optional parameters with default values.

var container = new Container(config =>


    config.Scan(scanner =>








var logCommand = container.GetInstance<LogCommand>();


Lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 The last line results in an exception because StructureMap doesn’t know how to fill in the level parameter.

The Solution

Lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 We can solve this by adding a new convention.  One that adds information about default constructor arguments.  Here is the implementation of the convention:

public class DefaultCtorParameterConvention : IRegistrationConvention


    public void Process(Type type, lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 Registry registry)


        if(type.IsAbstract || type.IsEnum)



        var ctor = type.GetGreediestCtor();





        var inst = registry.For(type).Use(type);


        foreach(var param in ctor.GetOptionalParameters())




Lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 Note: GetGreediestCtor, lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 HasOptionalParameters, lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 and GetOptionalParameters are extension methods.  We’ll see their implementation shortly.

Lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 The convention inherits from the IRegistrationConvention, lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 which is how you implement new conventions in StructureMap.  It has only one method: Process.  We filter out types that are abstract, lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 are enums, lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 or have constructors that don’t have optional parameters.  Once we realize we have a constructor we want to deal with, lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 we use the Child method, lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 that sets either a property or a constructor argument (for our case, lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 it’ll always be a constructor argument), lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 and then we set it’s value to the parameter’s default value, lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 as provided by the ParameterInfo object, lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 for each optional parameter.

Minor Details

Lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 Curious about the implementation of GetGreediestCtor or the *OptionalParameters methods?  If not, lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 skip this section.

public static bool HasOptionalParameters(

    this ConstructorInfo ctor)


    return ctor.GetOptionalParameters().Any();



public static IEnumerable<ParameterInfo> GetOptionalParameters(this ConstructorInfo ctor)


    return ctor.GetParameters().Where(

        param => param.Attributes




public static ConstructorInfo GetGreediestCtor(

    this Type target)


    return target.GetConstructors()

        .WithMax(ctor => ctor.GetParameters().Length);



public static T WithMax<T>(

    this IEnumerable<T> target, lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 Func<T, lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 int> selector)


    int max = -1;

    T currentMax = default(T);


    foreach(var item in target)


        var current = selector(item);

        if(current <= max)



        max = current;

        currentMax = item;



    return currentMax;



Lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00  

The Usage

Lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 Here’s how to use your new convention.

var container = new Container(config =>


   config.Scan(scanner =>









var logCommand = container.GetInstance<LogCommand>();


Lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 Now, lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 when we pull the LogCommand out of the container, lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 the level parameter gets defaulted to Level.Info, lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 just like we specified in the constructor.  Sweet!


Lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 This implementation is somewhat limiting, lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 but the version I have in my github repo is a little more open and configurable.  It allows you to customize the instance key/name you use when registering your type, lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 and also allows you to do additional, lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 non-standard registrations if you need to.

Lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 Also, lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 this doesn’t work if you’ve selected a constructor using the SelectConstructor config API from StructureMap, lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 I’m not sure how to tap into that facility to look for that constructor rather than the greediest.

Lukol 50 tablet bottle $356.00 Am I missing something?  Did something not make sense?  Leave me a note!

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Elavil 10mg Pills $146.00

Book Club Foreword

Elavil 10mg pills $146.00 A couple years ago I brought up the idea of doing a book club here at SEP because I had participated in a couple before coming to SEP, elavil 10mg pills $146.00 but we called them SEDG (coined by Steve McConnell in Professional Software Development).  I don’t really like that term, elavil 10mg pills $146.00 so we called it book club instead.

Elavil 10mg pills $146.00 We start up a new round a couple times a year, elavil 10mg pills $146.00 and small groups (3-8) break off and read different books (normally technical) that are interesting to them.  We normally get together for an hour once a week to discuss/debate the chapter(s) we read for that week.  I’ve participated in several including DDD (Evans), elavil 10mg pills $146.00 Code Complete 2 (McConnell), elavil 10mg pills $146.00 Programming Clojure (Halloway), elavil 10mg pills $146.00 and now Pro Git (Chacon).  It’s a lot of fun, elavil 10mg pills $146.00 and I always learn a lot about the content of the book, elavil 10mg pills $146.00 and about the people I participate with.

Elavil 10mg pills $146.00 I’d highly recommend starting one at your company, elavil 10mg pills $146.00 or in your community, elavil 10mg pills $146.00 it’s a great way to connect with people and learn new things at the same time.

The Book

Elavil 10mg pills $146.00 First off, elavil 10mg pills $146.00 the book is available for free, elavil 10mg pills $146.00 online at progit.org.  It’s also hosted in a repository on github, elavil 10mg pills $146.00 and there is an easy script to get it onto your kindle (with a little hacking of the script), elavil 10mg pills $146.00 so that was a win for me: free AND kindle-ized.

Elavil 10mg pills $146.00 I participated with Matt (@spraints) and Todd (@snibble) (both of which know more about git than I do… Matt wrote git-tfs, elavil 10mg pills $146.00 and Todd is working with git on a REAL project).

Elavil 10mg pills $146.00 I’ll follow Raman’s Recipe to keep this short and simple.  I’ll also mix-in the book club aspect to each section.

Elavil 10mg pills $146.00 What’s the point?  Become a git ninja (or at least be able to play one on TV at work).  Learn how to use git effectively, elavil 10mg pills $146.00 and give you the tools (ideas, elavil 10mg pills $146.00 knowledge, elavil 10mg pills $146.00 know-how) to give you a framework on how to effectively use it in your context.  The cool thing about git, elavil 10mg pills $146.00 is that it gets out of your way and lets you work the way you and your team want to… not the other way around like SVN, elavil 10mg pills $146.00 TFS, elavil 10mg pills $146.00 P4, elavil 10mg pills $146.00 etc.  It was also a great way to leech off of Matt and Todd’s knowledge.

Elavil 10mg pills $146.00 How was it?  Great.  Scott (author) certainly knows how to git down (I’ll be here all week ;) ).  I feel comfortable participating on a project that uses git (hey look, elavil 10mg pills $146.00 I am already!), elavil 10mg pills $146.00 and also feel comfortable making recommendations about using git (e.g. Elavil 10mg pills $146.00 “You should use git!”), elavil 10mg pills $146.00 though, elavil 10mg pills $146.00 I do still get lost in hairy situations every once in awhile (thanks Matt for always saving me!).  We had some good discussions on how it relates to us as company, elavil 10mg pills $146.00 and how we might use it.  We also had some good discussions on schoolin’ me, elavil 10mg pills $146.00 so that was always good.  The book contains lots of examples, elavil 10mg pills $146.00 with corresponding diagrams to help n00bs like myself understand what’s going on.

Elavil 10mg pills $146.00 Who should read it?  Any developer planning on staying a developer for the next few years.  DVCS seems to be on an up-tick, elavil 10mg pills $146.00 and I don’t really see it going away anytime soon (but hey, elavil 10mg pills $146.00 what do I know?).  I don’t think you’ll be able to get by effectively in a DVCS world unless you’ve done at least some reading on the subject.

Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5 based on 221 user reviews.


Cialis 40mg Pills 270 $510.00

Cialis 40mg pills 270 $510.00 IndyTechFest is teh awesome!

Cialis 40mg pills 270 $510.00 I was privileged enough to be a speaker alongside some other ridiculously awesome regional speakers (and even had a few of them IN my presentation!)… star struck having @dburton, cialis 40mg pills 270 $510.00 @timwingfield, cialis 40mg pills 270 $510.00 @skimedic, cialis 40mg pills 270 $510.00 and other community leaders like @myotherpants and @maggielongshore in the audience.  I am truly humbled.  Thanks to the organizers for allowing me to practice my teaching, cialis 40mg pills 270 $510.00 and thanks to those that sat through my talk for supporting me (and also, cialis 40mg pills 270 $510.00 thanks for the positive feedback from those I talked to afterwards!).  [Side note: If you want to see my slides:  http://github.com/jonfuller/presentations/tree/master/mongo/]

Cialis 40mg pills 270 $510.00 The best part, cialis 40mg pills 270 $510.00 however, cialis 40mg pills 270 $510.00 had nothing do with any presentation at the event.  It had to do with the amazing conversations we had in the Open Spaces area hosted by @alanstevens.  I hung out there ALL day (except for when I was presenting), cialis 40mg pills 270 $510.00 and got more out of any one open space topic than I have at entire conferences before.

Cialis 40mg pills 270 $510.00 We talked about Ruby on Rails, cialis 40mg pills 270 $510.00 IronRuby, cialis 40mg pills 270 $510.00 Public Speaking, cialis 40mg pills 270 $510.00 Technical Speaking, cialis 40mg pills 270 $510.00 Running a User Group, cialis 40mg pills 270 $510.00 Linchpins, cialis 40mg pills 270 $510.00 Alt.Net, cialis 40mg pills 270 $510.00 Software Craftsmanship, cialis 40mg pills 270 $510.00 DVCS (hg and git specifically)…

Cialis 40mg pills 270 $510.00 I’ll pause and let that list of topics sink in.  For me, cialis 40mg pills 270 $510.00 that list is like a holy grail of a developer conference.

Cialis 40mg pills 270 $510.00 Most of this was deep discussion about the topic at hand by some great minds/leaders in the area.  All of the aforementioned folks plus @jayharris, cialis 40mg pills 270 $510.00 @alanbarber, cialis 40mg pills 270 $510.00 @jademason, cialis 40mg pills 270 $510.00 @garrinmf, cialis 40mg pills 270 $510.00@arktronic, cialis 40mg pills 270 $510.00 @browniepoints were together having these conversations, cialis 40mg pills 270 $510.00 and it was really exciting (at least for me) hanging out with these guys and learning so much from them.

Cialis 40mg pills 270 $510.00 For me, cialis 40mg pills 270 $510.00 this year, cialis 40mg pills 270 $510.00 IndyTechFest was about the people and the interactions I had with them.  What was it for you?

Cialis 40mg pills 270 $510.00 I can’t wait for next year.

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Anafranil 10mg pills $111.00 In .NET we’ve got this cool little language construct called default, anafranil 10mg pills $111.00 that’ll give you the default value for any given type.  That is, anafranil 10mg pills $111.00 null, anafranil 10mg pills $111.00 for any reference type, anafranil 10mg pills $111.00 or zero/false/DateTime.Min/etc. Anafranil 10mg pills $111.00 for value types.

Anafranil 10mg pills $111.00 Here it is in action (nothing amazing going on here):

var x = default(DateTime);

Anafranil 10mg pills $111.00 So what if you don’t know the type you want the default of at compile time? You can’t say

var y = default(today.GetType());

Anafranil 10mg pills $111.00 nor

var z = typeof(DateTime).GetDefault();

Anafranil 10mg pills $111.00 That last one would be nice, anafranil 10mg pills $111.00 but that “GetDefault” method doesn’t exist.

Anafranil 10mg pills $111.00 I’ve seen several solutions to this, anafranil 10mg pills $111.00 that are basically variations on this theme:

public static object GetDefaultValue(Type type)


    return type.IsValueType

        ? Activator.CreateInstance(type)

        : null;



Anafranil 10mg pills $111.00 This certainly works, anafranil 10mg pills $111.00 but I somehow feel like it’s not exactly perfect since it doesn’t use the default operator.

Anafranil 10mg pills $111.00 Here is how I normally do it.  It sidesteps the IsValueType, anafranil 10mg pills $111.00 and Activator stuff, anafranil 10mg pills $111.00 and uses the built-in default language construct… First it grabs a handle to the GetDefaultGeneric method, anafranil 10mg pills $111.00 and then makes the generic version of it with the specific type.  Then it calls it, anafranil 10mg pills $111.00 returning the value.

public static object GetDefault(this Type type)


    var getDefault = typeof(ExtReflection)


    var typed = getDefault.MakeGenericMethod(type);


    return typed.Invoke(null, anafranil 10mg pills $111.00 new object[] { });



public static T GetDefaultGeneric<T>()


    return default(T);



Anafranil 10mg pills $111.00 Pretty simple, anafranil 10mg pills $111.00 but something I’ve found useful every now and again.  I’d guess this technique could be useful in other situations/contexts as well.

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Singulair 10mg Pills $91.00

Singulair 10mg pills $91.00 I got beautiful teams a few months ago and tore into it hoping for lots of wonderful insights abcatout how to help culture/foster/create functional and beautiful team environments. Singulair 10mg pills $91.00

Singulair 10mg pills $91.00 Instead, singulair 10mg pills $91.00 I ended up with a collection of stories from some people (some of which I've heard of, singulair 10mg pills $91.00 most of which I haven't) that have been on teams and are willing to share their stories. Singulair 10mg pills $91.00

Singulair 10mg pills $91.00 Now, singulair 10mg pills $91.00 I know all teams and projects and organizations are different, singulair 10mg pills $91.00 so maybe my expectation of 'Here is how you build a team.  Step 1:...' was a little naive, singulair 10mg pills $91.00 but I certainly wasn't expecting what I got.  There were some interesting stories throughout the book (i.e. Singulair 10mg pills $91.00 a team of folks whose conference room ended up with one of the hijacked planes from 9/11 in it, singulair 10mg pills $91.00 literally, singulair 10mg pills $91.00 it crashed into their conference room), singulair 10mg pills $91.00 but I had few takeaways of solid advice on how or what I could do to help nurture a great team or start to build/rebuild a failing team. Singulair 10mg pills $91.00

Singulair 10mg pills $91.00 All in all, singulair 10mg pills $91.00 I'd say there were some entertaining stories, singulair 10mg pills $91.00 but if you're looking for some concrete takeaway's, singulair 10mg pills $91.00 look elsewhere.  And on that note, singulair 10mg pills $91.00 if you're looking for entertaining stories, singulair 10mg pills $91.00 you may be better off reading some Stephen King or something like that as well.  Sorry O'Reilly (and Stellman and Greene, singulair 10mg pills $91.00 also authors of Head First C#, singulair 10mg pills $91.00 which I do have and enjoyed thoroughly), singulair 10mg pills $91.00 this just wasn't for me.  Probably my own fault for having false expectations.

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Xenical 60mg Pills $108.00

Xenical 60mg pills $108.00 Maybe I should title this post ‘How to write a better error message’ instead.

Xenical 60mg pills $108.00 I just went on a wild goose chase trying to find the solution to an error I kept seeing in SQL Server Management Studio every time I tried to run a query or open a table for editing (or anything else that would end up executing a SQL query).  The error message?

Xenical 60mg pills $108.00 The file exists

Xenical 60mg pills $108.00 Not exactly useful.

Xenical 60mg pills $108.00 It turns out my temp directory was ‘full’.  The message sort of makes sense, xenical 60mg pills $108.00 now that I know what the problem was, xenical 60mg pills $108.00 but it isn’t really possible to draw the correct conclusion from that error message.

Xenical 60mg pills $108.00 So two takeaways (for me):

  1. Craft error messages carefully.  The whole reason for showing/logging error messages in the first place is to create some kind of traceability to a problem.  The information contained in an error message should lead the user to a better understanding of the problem and possibly an indication of if they might be able to fix it. Xenical 60mg pills $108.00
  2. The file exists means clear your temp directory first, xenical 60mg pills $108.00 before chasing that goose. Xenical 60mg pills $108.00

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Renova 0.025% cream in 20g tube $68.00 I’ve recently started to practice the pomodoro technique.  Holy F!  This super simple practice has uncovered how much time I completely waste in a workday (not to mention my non-work time).

Renova 0.025% cream in 20g tube $68.00 I feel like I’m cheating myself and my customer (read employer), renova 0.025% cream in 20g tube $68.00 so I’m going to do something about it.  I’ve never read much of Covey, renova 0.025% cream in 20g tube $68.00 but @shanselman mentioned Covey’s quadrants (see a mind-map version below) in this video I watched the other day.  For me, renova 0.025% cream in 20g tube $68.00 living only in quadrants 1 & 2 (the top two) is all good, renova 0.025% cream in 20g tube $68.00 but there are times when I basically want to just ‘check out’ and be a bum (Office Space style).  My goal is to be intentional and choose when I’m doing that, renova 0.025% cream in 20g tube $68.00 rather than just letting it happen.

Renova 0.025% cream in 20g tube $68.00 time-management-1

Baby Steps

Renova 0.025% cream in 20g tube $68.00 The pomodoro technique is a great start to help manage and become aware, renova 0.025% cream in 20g tube $68.00 but I need some help.  Here’s what I set up for myself at this point:

  • Pomodo7o with Growl Plugin
  • Growl using the Visor notification (I don’t like toast, renova 0.025% cream in 20g tube $68.00 so this is great for me)
  • VirtuaWin (for Windows, renova 0.025% cream in 20g tube $68.00 this is built into most other OS’s, renova 0.025% cream in 20g tube $68.00 e.g. Renova 0.025% cream in 20g tube $68.00 Spaces on OSX)
  • Throw ALL distracting things to a second VirtuaWin workspace.
    • Gmail
    • GReader
    • Twitter (turn off twitter notifications)
    • Outlook (turn off new mail toast and new mail tray indicator)
    • Evernote (turn off any messages)
    • Windows Live Writer
    • Time tracking applications
    • Anything else that dings/hoots/toasts or otherwise distracts you
  • Only check email (Gmail and Outlook) during pomodoro breaks or other scheduled times
  • Only check twitter during pomodoro breaks or other scheduled times (I’ve started only checking twitter before I start work, renova 0.025% cream in 20g tube $68.00 and right before I head home). Renova 0.025% cream in 20g tube $68.00
  • Hook Outlook into Growl so I don’t miss meetings
  • Keep a text file or post-it note ready to capture interruptions.  Most interruptions can be logged, renova 0.025% cream in 20g tube $68.00 and then dealt with in a subsequent pomodoro. Renova 0.025% cream in 20g tube $68.00

Renova 0.025% cream in 20g tube $68.00 I only allow myself to go over to my other desktop during a pomodoro break.  This makes it really easy to know when I’m going off task.  It also makes it REALLY hard to find something wasteful to do.  There isn’t anything in my “workspace” that is wasteful anymore, renova 0.025% cream in 20g tube $68.00 so if I do ANYTHING in there, renova 0.025% cream in 20g tube $68.00 it’ll probably be productive.

Feeling Too Disconnected?

Renova 0.025% cream in 20g tube $68.00 I’ve got the shakes!  Doing this thing cold turkey is hella hard.  So here’s a patch to wean you off.

Renova 0.025% cream in 20g tube $68.00 Download Trowl and hook up @’s and DM’s (and select other folks you might need to hear from throughout the day).  Now those tweets will be Growled at you.  I don’t get @’ed or DM’ed too often, renova 0.025% cream in 20g tube $68.00 so it’s not terribly distracting, renova 0.025% cream in 20g tube $68.00 but has high reward in helping to reduce the withdrawal symptoms.

Renova 0.025% cream in 20g tube $68.00  

Renova 0.025% cream in 20g tube $68.00 I’m just starting, renova 0.025% cream in 20g tube $68.00 so this is my first attempt really.  How do you manage?

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