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Effects of viagra So I did what every other self-respecting geek has done in the past couple days... Effects of viagra downloaded and installed chrome.  I love my firefox experience at the moment (I have the exact add-ons/plugins I want/need to make browsing pleasurable and fast), effects of viagra but I thought I'd give it a shot.

Effects of viagra However, effects of viagra I was greeted with this (and I can't seem to get anything other than this at the moment).  Yes, effects of viagra I tried pressing reload or going to another page... Effects of viagra didn't work.

Effects of viagra image

Effects of viagra That flat-out stinks (not because I personally can't use it, effects of viagra but because I've got no idea what to do to fix it, effects of viagra or what went wrong).  Do I have to restart first?  Do I have to install some WebKit thing first?  Do I have to <insert other thing I shouldn't have to do here> first?

Effects of viagra Maybe I'm just clueless, effects of viagra but this was a bad first impression.

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  1. Humm.. I installed chrome on two computers yesterday without a problem. Are you behind a proxy?

    I’ve always loved Mozilla / Firefox and I kinda feel like I’m cheating on Firefox for using Chrome. But so far I’m impressed. It’s very fast and has a nice clean interface. I does suck up memory… which is expected with the way it was designed. (I’m actually posting this with Chrome).

    It also has built in Google Gears support… if you’re into offline access of your Google Apps.

  2. Ha, you’re hosed! I have heard legend of this frowny face you depict, but it’s only supposed to happen when one of the subprocesses dies. Apparently it’s dying just trying to show the homepage. You shouldn’t have to install anything.

  3. By the way, Jon, despite the lameness of it not working on your system, I don’t think you’re missing much in the near term. FF3 is pretty fast and has a good location bar. I’ve never had problems with FF security. And like you said, you’ve got it dialed.

    I bet FF deploys their new JavaScript VM before Chrome deploys anything matching FF’s plugin system.

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