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Yet Another Pomodoro App

No, it isn’t called YAPA.

Basically, I wanted a gentle introduction to the Pomodoro Technique, so I thought, what better way to introduce myself to it, than to build a pomodoro app while pomodoro’ing (new word, probably).

So I whipped up an app that uses some of the fancy taskbar features of Windows 7.  If you don’t have Windows 7, this thing is going to be pretty useless to you.

Intoducing… Pomodo7o:

  • Simple
  • Provides minimal distraction (to keep flow)
  • 25/5 Pomodoros
  • Pause/Reset [I know, I know, but sometimes you just gotta]
  • Awesome
  • Taskbar Progress Indicator
  • Taskbar Thumbnail Controls

You may not know what the heck I’m talking about on the last two bullets and they probably sound like some bullet point on a marketing brochure created by the marketing drones at Microsoft (wait… that is where those names came from).  They’re both Windows 7 features which I think are pretty cool.

Here’s a couple screenshots for ya… the first one shows the progress indicator.  The progress is how far you are into your pomodoro.  The second one shows the thumbnail controls when you hover over the tomato icon.  You can pause or reset your current pomodoro using those buttons.



Take it or leave it… either way, it’ll be a fun toy to play with.

Bug Reports:


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  1. Looks pretty nice! I may use this as my own introduction to the Pomodoro Technique.

    So is that pronounced “po-mo-do-seven-oh”?

  2. Hehe… I’ve got no idea how to prounounce it. I thought about that… but didn’t come up with a resolution. I’ll accept your proposal until I get a better one… :)

  3. Thanks, this is great! certainly not loaded with features, but it’s a great start – i’ve had trouble finding any decent windows 7 apps. and i love the toolbar status thingy.

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