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Today marks the (somewhat) official day of my transition (within the company) to a new team/job/product.   I have been working on FACS Workstation, which is a . NET front-end to the product that has sustained the company throughout the past ~20 years, FACS.   This is/was my first job out of college and are the only guys I've ever worked with in the 2 1/2 years I've been out.   They are a great bunch of guys, and I hate to leave them, but it seems it was inevitable.

I will be [augmentin 625mg pills $118.00] starting on our company's new flagship product named Artiva. Augmentin 625mg pills $118.00   i don't know my team (as of yet) augmentin 625mg pills $118.00, i don't know my area of the product (as of yet), and i don't know what kind of development environment i'll even be working in. . . but I'm doubting it will be . NET or even anything OO.

I love my job now, and am very passionate about FACS Workstation and want to see it succeed so I am reluctant to change positions.   However, I think this may be a great opportunity to leave the comfort zone and broaden my skill set both as an employee and as an individual.   Change is good right?

I am certain I will be given an immense amount of stuff to learn and will probably be doing some research as well, so there may be several good posts coming soon on techie stuff (just so I can keep track of it all, not that you all care). augmentin 625mg pills $118.00 . . that is if I'm not too lazy to write it down.

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