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It being a day or several (depending on when this gets published) after my birthday cheapest sildenafil citrate, it seems like a good time to reflect, and to set some goals for the upcoming short-term (~year). The list is not all about technical stuff.   It is really stemmed from some things God has laid in front of me lately.

Becoming a message

Our pastor shared cheapest sildenafil citrate a great quote with our last weekend that really stood out to me.
. . . my life is my message  - Gandhi
What would my message be if someone asked me today? What would my message be if someone asked you today? What would your message be if someone asked you today? I'm guessing there will be more about this coming soon.

Continuous Improvement

This area is far more about you than it [cheapest sildenafil citrate] is about me. Cheapest sildenafil citrate   sure, i have much to learn, have a long list of areas of which i'd like to personally continue to improve. I feel a great need to help my colleagues, help my company, and help my community.   Something tells me I'm in a unique position to make an impact on each. So here is a list of areas I'd like to improve (in to particular order):
  • Technical Breadth
  • Technical Depth
  • Leadership Skills
  • Management Skills
  • Physical Health
  • Faith
  • Creativity
  • Being a better husband
  • Brewing better coffee
  • . . .

Back to Basics

I'm a firm believer in fundamentals.   I'd like to re-explore what the core fundamentals of the industry are, and find out where I need to brush up/start over/start (for the first time). Okay. . . enough for now.   Stay tuned.

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