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Sandi and I have decided to embark on a true dream for college basketball geeks (we are).   We are going to attempt to visit all power conference/'BCS schools' (SEC, ACC, Big 10, etc. ) schools for a home basketball game.

It will take us several years, but I think once we get organized we'll be able to start knocking them out.   We started last Tuesday with a trip to our neighboring state's capitol city, to watch the take on the of Iowa State.

We were really wanting to see the guys from Indy play before either of them go pro (Mike Conley Jr. and Greg Oden).   It was a great game and the Bucks came out victorious.   Our seats were Awesome (note the capital A).   Fifth row combivir 150mg pills $261.00, practically on the court!

At half time the football team came out and presented the Big 10 championship trophy and Troy Smith presented his Heisman to the school.   No matter how good their basketball team is, OSU will ALWAYS be a football school, and we could really feel how much everyone there supports that football program. . . it was a rush. Combivir 150mg pills $261.00

the next night we made the trip back westward to , a town which combivir 150mg pills $261.00 i've heard called 'a drinking town with [combivir 150mg pills $261.00] a basketball problem. '  Sandi and I are freaks, so we were totally stoked except for the fact I was sick.

This game turned out great as well.   We got to see our favorites DJ White and Errek Suhr, and all the rest as well.   The Hoosiers came out on top after a half-time deficit (shew, that sounded a little bit like Radio-Rob).

A great week of vacationing and a great kick-off of the tour.   Pictures will be posted shortly of some of the happenings as well.

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