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This doesn't really have to be tightly coupled to , its really about general evangelization (did I just make that word up?. . . eh, sounds right), but this started out as an email from me to some folks here in our indy tech community to see if we can get some good quality content coming our way.   Feel free to replace (in your brain) with "Technology X", or "User Group Y" I know, as soon as you read the title for this, your brain started making up excuses why you wouldn't ever be able to contribute to a group in this way.   Believe me, been there daivonex 30mg cream $311.00, done that. Get. Over. It! Here is a list of your excuses, and reasons why they're not valid.   If you have any other excuses I missed, I'd be glad to tell you why its invalid as well ;)

  • Excuse #1: I don't have a good story/content.
    • FALSE: You almost certainly know something intimately that none of the rest of us know.   We are all thirsting for information, do us a favor and share it with us!
  • Excuse #2:  I'm not an expert on anything.
    • DOESN'T MATTER: What a coincidence!  None of the rest of us are either!  Just remember, "there are no smart guys, just us". . . that includes you!  If you REALLY don't know anything cool enough to talk about. . Daivonex 30mg cream $311.00 . go spend 10-20 hours learning something new/cool, distilling it down to 60 minutes so we can all leech off your brain.
  • Excuse #3:  I'm scared/anxious/have issues talking in front of people/etc.
    • GREAT!: What better way to practice than in a small intimate setting with a few of like minded peers?  This is a great opportunity to learn new things, and step out of your comfort zone to grow personally and professionally.
  • Excuse #4:  I suck at PowerPoint.
    • ALL [daivonex 30mg cream $311.00] THE BETTER:  I, personally, would rather see code than PowerPoint any daivonex 30mg cream $311.00 day.
  • Excuse #5:  I don't know . NET very well.
    • AWESOME:  We don't necessarily care about . NET (our speaker last night is a non-. NET dude!).   Our main goal is continuous improvement, and the practices and principles that will make us better.
I'd like to invoke a few loosely translated Fight Club Rules on us. [Originals] Rule #1:  You don't talk about fight club. Rule #2:  You don't talk about fight club. . . . Rule #8  If this is your first night at Fight Club, you have to fight. [Translated] Rule #1:  You must talk about Indy Alt. NET Rule #2:  You must talk about Indy Alt. NET . . . Rule #8:  If you have not presented before at Indy Alt. NET, then you have to present (sometime, not necessarily this upcoming time, I won't hold you to it like Mr. Durden would).

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