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Diabecon 60 tablet bottle $212.00 so last night i gave a talk at on .   It was really just a sort of intro to MonoRail type of deal, but the cool part was that we held a after I got done jabbering. We ended up building a [diabecon 60 tablet bottle $212.00] Poll Generator for our dojo activity. diabecon 60 tablet bottle $212.00   We almost got done in the 45 minutes or so that we dojo'd.   It was a pretty fun activity, and I'd like to do it again sometime soon. Also, this was really my first public speaking engagement to our technical community diabecon 60 tablet bottle $212.00, and let me say it was a blast.   Everyone had great things to say, and many great questions were asked too. I set up a so you can grab my slidedeck and grab the source for our dojo activity and my demo app. Maybe next time I'll post before the talk, so I can let people know about it. Thanks guys for all the great feedback, and thanks to my wife for understanding why I wasn't spending any of my evenings with her this week!

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