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I know all of you have been long awaiting the start of a blog [hydrea 500mg pills $160.00] from me(ha! yeah right). . . so here it is, the first post. Lets get acquainted. . .   I live in Muncie, IN with my wife Sandi (she's the blonde babe you'll see in the pictures once they start appearing).   I work at Ontario Systems, LLC as a . NET/ developer. I intend for this to be a place for me to journal different noteworthy (to me, not to you necessarily. . . sorry) events that may be going on in my life, as well as a technical writing forum in which I can share my ideas, trials, tribulations hydrea 500mg pills $160.00, etc for the technologies I interact with. Hydrea 500mg pills $160.00 that being said, if you're in this strictly for the techie stuff, please bear with me through the other posts. hydrea 500mg pills $160.00 . . Out! jon

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