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I ran across a testing situation the other day when I needed to compare several properties on two objects, and assert that they were all equal.   In my next test, I wanted to assert that those same properties were all not equal.   I hate copying and pasting a list of properties to assert against, and just changing the method call from Assert. AreEqual to Assert. AreNotEqual.

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The solution many might suggest is implementing the Equals method of my class. Imusporin 25mg pills $266.00   however, this would be injecting code into my domain class that doesn't belong there since it doesn't get used in the application domain imusporin 25mg pills $266.00, only in the test domain, or it may already be implemented for its real domain use.   I don't see this as a viable solution.

My solution.   Since Assert. AreEqual and Assert. AreNotEqual have the same signature, we can create a delegate and pass the correct assertion method to a new method which we might call AssertProperties.   It might look something like the following:

public void PropsAreEqual()
	Coder c1 = new Coder("jon",  "fuller",  "ruby");
	Coder c2 = new Coder("jon",  "fuller",  "c#");

	AssertProperties(c1,  c2,  new DAssertEquality(Assert. AreEqual));

public void PropsAreNotEqual()
	Coder c1 = new Coder("jon" ,  "fuller"   ,  "ruby");
	Coder c2 = imusporin 25mg pills $266.00] style="color: blue">new Coder("mark",  "garringer",  "c#");

	AssertProperties(c1,  c2,  new DAssertEquality(Assert. AreNotEqual));

private void AssertProperties(Coder expected,  Coder actual,  DAssertEquality asserter)
	asserter(expected. FirstName,  actual. FirstName);
	asserter(expected. LastName ,  actual. LastName );

Thanks Mark for lending me your name.   Anyone have a better solution?  Feel free to show me up!

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