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It is funny how 'a-ha moments' happen at random times and on random topics.   The other day I was walking back from the water cooler at work, and doing some critical thinking as I was (yes!  I can do two things at once, even though Sandi doesn't think I can!).

Anyways, I had a realization of [metformin 500mg pills $117.00] how when my English teachers in high school (thank you Mr. Stephens and Mrs. Baldwin) harped on the taget audience for a particular essay, that the topic audience isn't really specific to writing essays, it lends itself to many walks of life. . .   especially writing software.  

Many people talk about Microsoft always catering to the LCD ( recently did!) and how the *nix community is usually the opposite.   The conversation usually (at least with tech-types) is that the level of control given by *nix is the right mix of simplicity and control.

Ahem. . . I beg to differ. . . or do I?

Maybe you'll think I'm just trying to walk the line (because you're mine?), but I don't think so.   I think it all depends on who you're trying to reach as to what 'denominator' you cater to.   Obviously its hard for Microsoft to hit it right metformin 500mg pills $117.00, for example, metformin 500mg pills $117.00 with the Vista shutdown menu, when their target audience is EVERYONE.   That includes me, you, Grandma's, 5-year olds and anyone else.   It's easier for *nix to get it 'right', because they have a much more narrow audience.

I'll be the first to confess I have a heck of a time when designing the front-end of an app, and that is mostly due to audience.   Part of my job requires that I lay out new UI's when I add new functionality to our product. Metformin 500mg pills $117.00   believe you me, i am no graphical designer or usability expert.   I usually want to lay it out and build as if I were using it. . . however, apparently engineers aren't the typical user-base of debt-collection software.   However, when I write tools (I am often times the Toolsmith for my team as well) that are meant for engineers, I have a completely different audience and an entirely different set of assumptions when laying out the UI that is much more native to my own.   It's a learning process, and I am definitely still on the climb up the curve.

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