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So I did what every other self-respecting geek has done in the past couple days. . . downloaded and installed chrome.   I love my firefox experience at the moment (I have the exact add-ons/plugins I want/need to make browsing pleasurable and fast), but I thought I'd give it a shot. However, I was greeted with this (and I can't seem to get anything other than [prilosec 20mg pills $81.00] this at the moment).   Yes, prilosec 20mg pills $81.00 I tried pressing reload or going to another page. . . didn't work. Prilosec 20mg pills $81.00 that flat-out stinks (not because i personally can't use it prilosec 20mg pills $81.00, but because i've got no idea what to do to fix it, or what went wrong).   Do I have to restart first?  Do I have to install some WebKit thing first?  Do I have to <insert other thing I shouldn't have to do here> first? Maybe I'm just clueless, but this was a bad first impression.

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