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I recently finished up a project where there was a small team of people from , and small teams from two of our local competitors.   My interactions and observations during our ‘full team’ meetings is the context for this post.   Please note that [sildenafil citrate soft tabs] I’m not saying me and my teammates were innocent, some of these observations are about us as well.   These are simply my opinions.

  1. Don’t use your mobile during a client meeting… EVER (unless of course your client asks you to). Sildenafil citrate soft tabs   i thought this one was a given, but apparently not (you may as well turn off your ringer, sms notification, voicemail notification, etc. since we’re on the subject).
    • This also goes for your laptop…
  2. Don’t SMS during a client meeting (assumes you’ve already violated number 1)… especially if the client is speaking directly to you! (seriously, I watched this happen more than once)
  3. Technical Presentations
    • Be prepared
      • Have content
      • Know your facts. . . if you don't, that's okay; please don't make something up
      • Please oh please do not read me your slides; I sildenafil citrate soft tabs know how to read
    • Be professional
      • Explain yourself, but don’t be condescending
      • Use appropriate corporate branding (but don’t go over the top)
      • Just because powerpoint has animations, doesn’t mean you have to use them. (I suggest removing ALL animations, transitions, gimmicks, hat-tricks, etc… they all come off to me as amateurish sildenafil citrate soft tabs, not professional)
  4. Be professional
    • Don’t talk over someone else just to get your opinion heard, wait patiently, and then respond.
    • Don’t patronize
    • Offer opinions, but be willing to be wrong!
    • Offer opinions, and be willing to back them up!
  5. Speak Up!
    • Speak clearly
    • Speak concisely
    • Have a point (i. e. don’t babble on about nothing)
  6. Listen!  Actively!
  7. Be friendly

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