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Starting my new project in a new role, as project lead, I need to be managing things in TFS.   The UI for batching these things up is nonexistent, [sustiva 200mg pills $387.00] but there is Excel integration so you can do it all in Excel, hit save, and it all goes back to the TFS server. . . Sustiva 200mg pills $387.00 pretty slick i must say (i was actually in the midst of writing such a tool when i realized this functionality already existed oob). However, the first time I tried to use this functionality. . . BLAM, sustiva 200mg pills $387.00 I get smacked with this:

TF80042: The document cannot be opened because you do not have Microsoft Excel 2003 or later, or one of its components installed. For more information, see the Team Foundation Installation Guide.
Isn't that teh suck? Anyways sustiva 200mg pills $387.00, there is a sweet write-up on how to fix it here: . Thanks !

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