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It being a day or several (depending on when this gets published) after my birthday, it seems like a good time to reflect, and to set some goals for the upcoming short-term (~year).

The list is not all about technical stuff.  It is really stemmed from some things God has laid in front of me lately.

Becoming a message

Our pastor shared a great quote with our church last weekend that really stood out to me. life is my message  - Gandhi

What would my message be if someone asked me today?
What would my message be if someone asked you today?
What would your message be if someone asked you today?

I'm guessing there will be more about this coming soon.

Continuous Improvement

This area is far more about you than it is about me.  Sure, I have much to learn, have a long list of areas of which I'd like to personally continue to improve.I feel a great need to help my colleagues, help my company, and help my community.  Something tells me I'm in a unique position to make an impact on each.So here is a list of areas I'd like to improve (in to particular order):

  • Technical Breadth
  • Technical Depth
  • Leadership Skills
  • Management Skills
  • Physical Health
  • Faith
  • Creativity
  • Being a better husband
  • Brewing better coffee
  • ...

Back to Basics

I'm a firm believer in fundamentals.  I'd like to re-explore what the core fundamentals of the industry are, and find out where I need to brush up/start over/start (for the first time).

Okay... enough for now.  Stay tuned.


why I quit my job

It was hard.  That's for sure.  It's by far the toughest decision I've ever made in my life.

When I started at Ontario, I was part of a "rogue" team.  We did .NET.  We were agile (not Agile proper).  We were fast.  We cranked out features like you wouldn't believe.  We were tall.  And we had a blast.

Over the last year and a half or so, my team had completely dwindled for various reasons.  Folks looking for better opportunities, more money, or discovering God more deeply and intimately to pursue His Kingdom.

I started to question myself:

  • Was I limiting myself?
  • Was it my mission to impact the lives of all around me by staying and mentoring and instilling the passion and knowledge I have as an engineer into my colleagues?
  • Was it my mission to end my mentorship with my colleagues, since the seed had been planted, and move on to see what kind of impact I could make elsewhere?
  • What does God want me to do?

A few unexpected things happened that led me to my decision:

  • By happenschance I saw a post on describing the kind of company I want to work for (
  • That company happens to be full of folks that went to my alma-mater (Rose-Hulman)
  • Matt's Initiate series ultimately sealed the deal for me as I realized I need to continue on, and spread His glory through the use of the talents He has given me.

I have since realized, the importance of me starting my career at Ontario.  I learned how to become a software engineer and found my passion via the tallest of my colleagues (yes, that's you Shawn), and I was re-introduced to God.

Working there was truly a blessing.  I still have many dear friends there, so if you are one of them, and find yourself reading this, please post a comment of email me!

Wow... that's been a long time coming!  It has actually been several months now since that time, and I've had a lot of time to reflect... but I think this sums it up.

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