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indy code camp

Indy Code Camp registration opens up April 10, and the event itself is on Saturday May 16 from 8-5.  The space is limited to ~250.  This should be an excellent code-packed event.  The session list is here: Session List.

I went to the inaugural event last year and had an excellent time, and from looking at the session list, I’m pumped that its going to be even better, ... I highly suggest going.  And who knows; you might even see a familiar face giving a presentation ;)

I'll be creating a pocketmod again for this event once the final schedule is posted… stay tuned for it.

Update:  I’ve created the pocketmod.

PDF Printable PocketMod

Word Template (in case you need to modify it, if the schedule changes)


IndyTechFest PocketMod

It's October in Indy (well, most other places too), so that means time for IndyTechFest.

For those of you that read this, or find this, I've put together a PocketMod for the session schedule.  IMO, the UI is easier to use than the mini poster.  I'm sharing so you can have one too!

Here it is:  IndyTechFest PocketMod

Here is how I did it:

  • Used Word to create this: PocketMod source
  • Used the Office 2007 PDF Publisher to publish it to a PDF
  • Used the PDFtoPocketmod converter app to convert the 8-page PDF to a 1-page PDF with all the pages squished and arranged just right
  • Printed, and trimmed the margins with a paper cutter
  • Folded and snipped, via the video at Pocketmod.

Super simple, super awesome.