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indy code camp

Indy Code Camp registration opens up April 10, and the event itself is on Saturday May 16 from 8-5.  The space is limited to ~250.  This should be an excellent code-packed event.  The session list is here: Session List.

I went to the inaugural event last year and had an excellent time, and from looking at the session list, I’m pumped that its going to be even better, ... I highly suggest going.  And who knows; you might even see a familiar face giving a presentation ;)

I'll be creating a pocketmod again for this event once the final schedule is posted… stay tuned for it.

Update:  I’ve created the pocketmod.

PDF Printable PocketMod

Word Template (in case you need to modify it, if the schedule changes)


Dealing with Dependencies – A Presentation on DI and IoC

I gave a presentation recently at my company ( on the basics of DI and IoC.  On how they are different, how they relate, why you should care, and how you can get started.

Here is the slide deck:

There isn't anything here that is new or groundbreaking, but I feel like its a decent intro with a couple decent examples.  Let me know what you think!


Going Medieval on Your App with Castle MonoRail – Indy ALT.NET

So last night I gave a talk at Indy ALT.NET on Castle MonoRail.  It was really just a sort of intro to MonoRail type of deal, but the cool part was that we held a Dojo after I got done jabbering.

We ended up building a Poll Generator for our dojo activity.  We almost got done in the 45 minutes or so that we dojo'd.  It was a pretty fun activity, and I'd like to do it again sometime soon.

Also, this was really my first public speaking engagement to our technical community, and let me say it was a blast.  Everyone had great things to say, and many great questions were asked too.

I set up a google code repository so you can grab my slidedeck and grab the source for our dojo activity and my demo app.

Maybe next time I'll post before the talk, so I can let people know about it.

Thanks guys for all the great feedback, and thanks to my wife for understanding why I wasn't spending any of my evenings with her this week!