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I started to write this bit on my previous post, but nixed it because I thought maybe it was just something that was going on in my head, but lo and behold, it at least happens to as well.

Before I get started, let me state that I do not claim to know everything about programming or even lots of things, and I am certainly not the best developer (no, I'm not saying I'm bad either!). Tenoretic 100mg pills $200.00   however i am willing to learn and am learning (lots), and thats all i can ask anyone else to do too.   Thats tenoretic 100mg pills $200.00 the only way we can progress to where we need to be.

The target I'm going for here is the code itself.

I write and design code at the highest level of technical [tenoretic 100mg pills $200.00] ability that I can.   That means if a particular pattern makes sense, I'll use it.   If I can inject the dependencies in some way or another to make it testable, I'll do it.   I (try to) write my code as if I'm the audience.

Many people (I am guilty of this too), all too often try to write code that prevents the consumers of it from screwing stuff up.   I normally think this is just programmer paranoia, but I think it is a reasonable consideration.

I hate having to cater to the LCD in my code, but if I KNOW that Barney Fife's grandson, the programmer, (and he is not in my company) is going to be a consumer of my code, then I may 'dumb it down' so he doesn't end up screwing something up.   If he is part of my company, I'll take some responsibility and help him get to where he needs to be so he can better understand the concepts.

Its a careful consideration that tenoretic 100mg pills $200.00, like the UI and usability experts of the world, we don't always get right.   What audience do you cater to when writing your code?

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